Selling Your House. Preparation Is The Key To Success! 



Give each room a thorough cleaning and clear away any clutter. Consider having your carpets steam cleaned. Fix any loose or squeaky flooring.

Check that all the doors and windows open easily and that all door handles are in good repair. 


Storage Areas. Windows

Make sure these are tidy and well arranged to give the impression of more space. This is a good time to get rid of odds and ends.

Clean all windows to allow in maximum light.


Plumbing, Air Conditioning And Fans

Make sure there are no dripping taps or pipes. Consider having air conditioners serviced before you put your property on the market.

All ceiling fans need to be operational, clean and run quietly.


Walls. Tiles. Plants

You'll need to repair any damaged tiling or wallpaper and you should think about painting any chipped walls.

Plants can add a lot to the appeal of a house. If you haven't got any, think about buying some to brighten up your property.


Lights And Light Fittings. Carpets

Check that all the lights are working and replace any blown globes. The fittings and switches need to be clean and in good condition too.

If you have carpets, you should have them professionally cleaned to make them look their best.


Kitchen. Bathroom

The stove, refrigerator and sink all need to be at their sparkling best to make this room attractive. Clear the benches as much as possible to make it look larger.

Just Before Inspection
Put clean towels in the bathroom and clean tea towels in the kitchen. If your budget will stretch to it, buy new towels in a colour that complements your bathroom and put them out during inspections.


Air & Aroma

You could put a few drops of vanilla essence in a hot oven, brew some coffee or light an oil burner. Open all the curtains and blinds and switch on inside lights to make the house look light and airy. 


Pets. TV

Restrain any pets, unfortunately not everyone is an animal lover.

Switch Off The Television! You might want to put some quiet background music on to create a positive atmosphere.


Fences. Lawns. Garden

Make sure the fences are in good condition. Carry out repairs such as straightening loose posts and repairing holes.

Make sure you keep your lawns neatly trimmed, including the edges. It also adds appeal if your lawns are green and weed free.

Keep your garden weed free and make sure your plants look healthy. Trim back any climbing plants that may have got out of control.


Paths. Paved Areas. 

Clean up any grease or oil marks. Remove all weeds from any cracks or joins. Keep these areas swept and tidy while your property is on the market.

Put down fresh mulch to make the garden beds look well cared for, inhibit weed growth and reduce the amount of watering needed.

Consider picking up some bright flowers toi add attraction as potential buyers walk to your home.


Pool. Pool Fence

Make sure your pool is clean and sparkling. Remove all clutter surrounding the pool and put away anything that restricts the view to your pool. Position charirs, tables and outside furniture to make your pool area inviting and fun.

Ensure that you position First Aid advice posters and any other legally required informatkion. Ensure your Pool Fence meets required legislation where applicable.


Ponds & Bird Baths. Patios And Decks

 Any fish ponds and birdbaths need to be clean and clear of weeds. If you have fish in the pond then do your best to make certain they are healthy and well cared for, as they be should anyway. 

Patios And Decks. To make these areas look their look best, make sure furniture is in good repair. The area should be clean and free from clutter. A few pot plants can add extra appeal.


The Building Exterior

Wash the walls, eaves and windows, or hire a professional to do it. If the paintwork is flaking don't decide to repaint without discussing it with your agent, it may not be worth the cost involved.

Repair any broken windows and replace damaged flyscreens.


The Yard

Make sure there is no rubbish or junk left lying around. If you have compost heaps, make sure they are neat and not attracting vermin or bugs. Make sure your sprinkler system is in good working order.

Create space by putting all tools and machines away. Sweep out sheds and organise.


Garage Or Car Port

Remove as much clutter as possible to make these areas look larger. Check the garage door moves smoothly and any locks are in working condition.


Drains And Guttering

Make sure your guttering and drains are clean and clear of leaves or any other blockages.


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