How This Web Site Works.

Free And Confidential With Expert Local Supervision.


Research Details About Your Property

Your property details, including the transaction sales history , are researched and verified using advanced database applications.

In addition, recent sales of properties similar to yours in the same locality are cross checked. This data is then allocated a systems generated minimum and maximum potential selling price.


Analyse Current Potential Buyer Pool

The minimum and maximum potential selling price of your property can be subject to what the current pool of buyers will likely pay.

The second stage of the process is to ascertain the current buyer pool status, its demographic and potential demand for a property like yours. This requires expert input from the local Appointed Supervising Agent.


Review Local Market Influences

Local market conditions and influences could affect the potential selling price of your property.  These include proposed changes to local infrastructure, transport, amenities and diversity of the community.

The local Appointed Supervising Agent will be aware of what is happening in your neighborhood and how this criteria could affect the selling price of your property.


Collate Price Data. And Report To You

When the research and review stages 1-3 are complete the local Appointed Supervising Agent will make one further assessment before finalisng the minimum and maximum potential selling price of your property.

If further information about your property is thought to be required the Appointed Supervising Agent may contact you prior to providing the potential sale price.

Why Is This Service Free?

Yes, this Property Price service is entirely free and confidential. Unlike other systems you are not charged for a valuation, you will receive a realistic estimate of the highest potential selling price of your property in today's market without any form of obligation.  Neither will your contact information be shared, sold or made available to marketing outfits.  It is the Appointed Supervising Agent alone who confidentially receives your details.

When the time comes that you intend to sell your property it is very likely you will appoint a Real Estate Professional who you believe will achieve the highest possible price and provide you the best service.  You will be influenced by the marketing expertise and professionalism of the Agent you choose. At the very least we hope you will contact the Appointed Supervising Agent of this web site.


Even if you are are not considering selling your house right now this highly informative publication really is a must have. Expertly written, easy to read and superbly illustrated, the Ebook contains valuable information that will help you prepare your property to achieve the highest possible selling price and quickly too.

The Appointed Supervising Agent

The Appointed Supervising Agent is responsible for managing this web site

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